The Butt Boulder

While trying to keep warm in between the lead qualifications and the speed competition, something great happened at the bouldering wall. Pinches and I were bouldering with a few kids from the team, trying out the wall and making some boulders. Far off in a corner, we discovered a huge starting hold, low on the wall. The yellow hold was almost large enough to be used as a seat, but not quite...

This is how we created the infamous "Butt Boulders". 

Most of the problems we came up with involved clenching your butt around the starting hold, trying to keep your balance, then continuing to slide around for some next far-off hold. It was a sight to behold.

Please enjoy some samples from the session:

I very much enjoyed screaming "CLENCH YOUR ASS" at other people trying our boulder. I will never forget this bouldering session.

- Crimps