Rock at Last

1st of December, the official start of the advent month. We were packed, psyched and ready for a holiday in the sun. Both of us chose to miss out on the Norwegian bouldering championship because of cheap plane tickets and an intense need to climb outside.

Saturday noon we were off. Pinches felt a little bit sick in the morning, but wrote it off as travel sickness and jitters. Boy was she wrong.


Arriving in Málaga, we checked in to our hotel for the night, and went out to buy train tickets, dinner and some food for the rest of the trip. First stop was the train station. Most of the ticket automates were out of order. When we finally found one that worked, we paid for tickets to El Chorro for Sunday morning, only to discover that the automate didn’t print out tickets…


A quick trip to customer service fixed the problem though, and we ventured on to find dinner. Some sort of festival was going on in town, and the streets were packed with people. 

Finally deciding on a pretty nice place, ordering food and finally sitting down, Pinches’ stomach couldn’t take it anymore. Crimps got two dinners that evening.

While pinches ended up back at the hotel with fever fantasies and a very upset stomach, Crimps went out to buy food for the next days at the camp. The shopping trip ended up being quite stressful, when a forgotten regional block resulted in long lines and angry Spaniards. After returning to the hotel with food, Crimps had to go out again to find medicine for Pinches. Heavy gesticulating and barfing noises got him a packet of a pretty strong… thing. It worked though, and Pinches went out like a light after drinking it.

Sunday morning Pinches was feeling better, but Crimps was feeling the effects of too much cake from the evening before. After a quick breakfast we packed our stuff and took the train to El Chorro. We found a pretty nice place to set up our houses (tents), where we can see the whole gorge.  


A quick lunch and a cup of coffee for Pinches, got us ready for some CLIMBING! We decided to go up to Escalera Arabe, as we know the area pretty well and it has some nice, easy lines to ease us into the outdoor climbing again.


It was pretty warm when we started climbing, so makeshift hats were a necessity.


The best line we did today was definitely “Dos Tetas Titan”, a beautiful, sustained 6b snaking along an arête.

- P&C