Working Out

We are currently training hard after several injuries. The next competition is in September. Wooo!

Pinches managed to tear her MCL ligament in the knee completely in two after doing a drop knee on "Tea arch high" in Rocklands. The prognosis is currently pretty good, but nothing is known before 22nd of August in terms of surgery/no surgery. Pinches will therefore sit out all the competitions at least until November, just to be on the safe side.

Crimps twisted his ankle when jumping down from "Zanzibar", also in Rocklands. A piece of bone now lies inside his foot, not connected to anything, but Crimps can walk and climb okay, so he's psyched to participate in all the competitions this autumn. 

Pinches is of course very frustrated, but she's determined to come back even stronger. As always. She tries to do a lot of rehab: biking, walking, sling training, balance exercises for the knee.. as well as strength training, finger training and easy toprope climbing. Luckily for her, Crimps is very patient when it comes to belaying! 

We start with youth team training again the 25th of August. We have a couple of new faces, so that's going to be exciting. Our team-competition schedule looks like this:

- Lead and speed, Regional cup, Bergen, 2 September
- Bouldering, Norway cup, Drammen, 23-24 September
- Bouldering, Norway cup, Bodø, 21-22 October
- Lead and speed, Norwegian championship, Stavanger, 3-5 November
- Bouldering, Norwegian championship, Oslo, 1-2 December


Leo and Eline in the Norway Cup 2017

Leo and Eline in the Norway Cup 2017