The Long Spring

We just ordered plane tickets for a really long climbing trip! We are going to China, Australia and South Africa over the course of five months.

First stop is China. We're flying out from Norway the 14th of March and landing in Beijing the 15th. We're staying in China, visiting Beijing, Guilin, Yangshuo, Chengdu and Xi'an, until the 10th of April. On Pinches' birthday (11th of April), we arrive in Sydney. We'll stay in Sydney for a couple of days before renting a car and driving down towards Grampians. 11th of June brings us to South Africa and Cape Town. We're taking our #RevengeOnRocklands, but would like to visit Boven before we go bouldering.

This is all super exciting, but there's still a lot to fix before the time for travel arrives. We have to get a visa for China for one and Australia second. Crimps needs to get his license. Pinches needs a new sleeping bag.


Are we excited? You bet we are!