Christmas in Albarracín!

We’re finally out on the rocks again! The last few days we spent some time amongst the pretty boulders of Albarracín. To get here we flew some different airlines and we all met up in Barcalona for the ride up. We decided to first stay a night at the airport, so we could drive in the morning. Pinches, Jugs and Deeplock (Anders) arrived first, scouting out all the cool hangouts at Terminal 2.

Jugs at a cool hangout.

Jugs at a cool hangout.

Crimps followed soon after, and managed to find the others after some adventuring at Terminal 1. Time to sleep! We found a semi-quiet spot behind the car rental booths, and tucked in on our crash pads.

Jugs trying to get to bed.

The next morning, at four o’ clock, the terminal was “opening”. A group of airport employees woke us up, telling us to do something in spanish. We moved the pads around the corner and slept until eight.

We picked up Mister Mantle (Olav) on our way, and after a prolonged car ride, we eventually found our house outside Albarracín. It’s a large guest house called Don Pepo in a tiny town called Torres de Albarracín. We have a kitchen, lots of breakfast food, and a living room with a fire place! The perfect place for Christmas Eve!


Crimps obviously brought along some “pinnekjøtt” and “kålrabistappe” from Norway, the traditional western norwegian christmas dinner. It is lamb ribs, very salty, with a sweet rutabaga mash and potatoes on the side. Jugs worked all day to make the dinner for everyone, Crimps also helped. To go with the meal Jugs got some aquavit with her from Bergen.

Aquavit served in a normal container.

Bouldering! The boulders here are a kind of mix between Rocklands and Fontainebleu. Big, juggy roofs with slopey mantle top outs! We’re slowly getting used to the style, and we’re super excited about spending in total three weeks exploring the area.

From our guest house in Torres de Albarracín.

- P&C