Competitions and New Adventures

We’re currently sitting on the train on our way to Oslo. Tomorrow we are boarding the flight towards China, and boy are we excited!

I haven’t been very good at blogging about everything that’s happened recently, so I’ll give you all a brief recap of the most interesting events!

The norwegian junior bouldering cup went off in Trondheim the 10th of February. I accompanied “satsningsgruppen”, the junior competition team from Bergen, the whole week-end as a coach, and I’m very proud of everyone who competed!


The qualifications were well set, and I think everyone on our team had a great time. Sindre made it to finals and got his first podium in a bouldering competition. Congrats!

Between Trondheim and today I’ve been fretting about travelling. It’s been hard to relax at times, but luckily I’ve been very busy with my training schedule (Thanks coach!), packing, working and the occasional rest day.

Yesterday, on our last day in Bergen, Crimps and I both competed in the Bergen Bouldering Cup to let off some steam and keep traveljitters in check. I was impressed by all the problems the crew had managed to put up on sunday, and ended up participating even though I’d planned to take it easy. I had a very good time, climbed a lot of boulders and funnily enough both Crimps won the men’s category and I won the women’s! What a way to go!

From NSB, middle of the mountains, Norway


First place!